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Rent To Own Houses

Reasons To Consider Rent To Own Houses In Lakeland FL

Rent To Own HousesIn today’s economy, we have lenders sitting on available credit, even though there is a huge surplus of homes available for sale. That said, many people are still looking to purchase their first or next home, but are struggling to find the financing necessary to do so. The good news is that, in some areas there is another option open to prospective buyers: rent to own houses in Lakeland FL being just one area that has opened up a new avenue for purchasing quality homes without having financing up front.

If you are exhausted from jumping through hoops for lenders who refuse to extend you financing, contact Easy Homes 123 today for relief. We have numerous options available in rent to own houses in Lakeland FL, and one of them will be perfect for you!

There is no better way today to own your own home without having to secure financing yourself. When looking to purchase rent to own houses in Lakeland FL, or anywhere else for that matter, all it takes is some simple negotiating with the owner of the home, rather than with a mortgage company, bank or real estate broker. There are firms out there who are dedicated to listing these real estate goldmines, and qualifying is a lot easier than ever, even for buyers without sterling credit histories.

How it Works

Not just another financing option for home buyers, for rent to own by owner is perfect for any prospective buyer who has been having trouble getting financing. In fact, many lease purchase programs will allow the buyer to occupy a home for up to 12 months prior to the purchase, allowing them to save for a down payment while living in the home they will buy. For the seller, it gives them peace of mind because their new tenant takes full responsibility for the property, including maintenance, and if there is any damage, it can be added onto the purchase price, if necessary.

You lease the property with an option to purchase, and during the lease, a portion of your monthly cost goes towards the down payment, plus any deposit you gave the property owner at the start. By the time the lease agreement is up, if you exercise your option to buy, you will have already accumulated a significant amount of money that reduces the sale price of the property. No bank will let you take a year or more to come up with the down payment.

The Downside of Rent To Own

If you decide at the end of the lease that you do not wish to purchase the property, all extra money paid in, including any deposit you made at the beginning is forfeited. In regards to rent to own houses in Lakeland FL, this unhappy situation does not come up that often, because the prospective buyers have a property that they know is genuine as represented, because they have lived there for at least a year before buying it.