Home Remodel – From Empty Lakeland Garage to Deluxe, Mother-In-Law-Suite

Posted on April 13, 2017
Lakeland Home Remodel

Although Easy Homes 123 focuses on custom home building, one of our most recent projects was quite unique as it involved a total remodel of a 24ft x 24ft detached home garage. In a quick 75 days, what once was a stark, unattached storage space, evolved and blossomed into a robust, deluxe one bedroom home that became Energy Star Certified with luxury finishes and total functionality.

Our customer desired a livable, and efficient home environment for a single person that contained high-end finishes. Every customer we encounter is different, and on this project detail and luxury was a must. It was our pleasure to satisfy our client therefore, immediate plans were drawn, a timeline was discussed and the project began with great momentum.

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Why Easy Homes 123 Considers Rip Off Report a “scam”

Posted on February 8, 2016

Over the years, Easy Homes 123, has helped hundreds of Lakeland families. We have bought homes from families that were upside down in their mortgages and we have also helped families buy their first house. You can see some of the video reviews of satisfied Easy Homes 123 customers here.

Unfortunately, from time to time, we do have to evict renters who have failed to make their payments. It is an unfortunate side of the business but it is a reality. Try going to your favorite restaurant, ordering food and then leaving without paying for it. I guarantee the next time you try to eat there, you will not be served. Any reasonable person understands this.

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Energy Efficient Homes in Lakeland…Just How Much Can You Save?

Posted on February 8, 2016

We begin the process of making the house energy efficient by thoroughly inspecting every part of the home from the roof to the foundation. Each house that Easy Homes 123 remodels will have it’s own unique opportunities to reduce the overall utility costs. Older homes usually present more energy efficient upgrades than newer traditional builder homes. However, we still will upgrade many of the newer homes as well. Our goal is to meet or exceed today’s building and energy efficient requirements

When EasyHomes123.com remodels a house, we usually focus on making sure the house you’ll move in to will have new energy efficient appliances, water heater, central heating and cooling unit. We also inspect airflow and make sure the ductwork does not have any leaks. We also check water valves and insure there are no leaks.

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