Why Easy Homes 123 Considers Rip Off Report a “scam”

Posted on February 8, 2016

Over the years, Easy Homes 123, has helped hundreds of Lakeland families. We have bought homes from families that were upside down in their mortgages and we have also helped families buy their first house. You can see some of the video reviews of satisfied Easy Homes 123 customers here.

Unfortunately, from time to time, we do have to evict renters who have failed to make their payments. It is an unfortunate side of the business but it is a reality. Try going to your favorite restaurant, ordering food and then leaving without paying for it. I guarantee the next time you try to eat there, you will not be served. Any reasonable person understands this.

It has come to our attention that there is a website called “Rip Off Report” that allows “customers” to leave reviews on businesses. Unfortunately there are a few negative reviews about Easy Homes 123 and we wanted to address these comments as well as explain the dirty little secret about Rip Off Report and the shady tactics they use to actually make their money.

Before we get into why we consider Rip Off Report to be a “scam”, we want to say that any review – positive or negative – is only as credible as the source. By this we mean that if the person leaving the review refuses to share details and is not willing to leave their name, how can it carry any weight? This is why on our website we include the names as well as the photos – in some cases even videos – of the Lakeland home buyers and sellers we have helped. These are credible. However, when a review is left without a name it warrants some suspicion, especially when you consider the following…

So Why Does Easy Homes 123 Consider Rip Off Report a “Scam”

The biggest problem we have with “Rip Off Report” is their revenue model. So just how does Rip Off Report make money? When a company tries to defend itself from comments left on the Rip Off Report site, the business owner is told that the negative comments and reviews can only be defended if the accused business pays for their “Corporate Advocacy” program – at the tune of $2000 per entry.

The Third District Court of Appeals of the State of Florida filed an opinion on December 28, 2011 describing RipOffReport.com (Xcentric Ventures, LLC) as:

“The business practices of Xcentric, as presented by the evidence before this Court, are appalling. Xcentric appears to pride itself on having created a forum for defamation. No checks are in place to ensure that only reliable information is publicized”.

(source: Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=tMTCCT_NtBk#!)

So ask yourself this, would you rather believe reviews and testimonials from customers who are willing to put their name, face, and voice behind their comments or reviews or from a website that leaves anonymous comments which profits from allowing businesses to defend themselves by paying $2000.00 or more. The following video is an editorial about Rip Off Report unethical tactics that was produced by a Fox News affiliate located in South Florida.

In addition to many positive reviews and REAL testimonials about Easy Homes 123 we have earned over the years, we are also a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce. Have we ever made a mistake? Yes. Are we perfect? No. But we are proud of the service we offer our customers and we look forward to continuing to buy houses from people who need to sell the houses and sell to people who are looking for a great value in moving in to a house they can call their own.