Energy Efficient Homes in Lakeland…Just How Much Can You Save?

Posted on February 8, 2016

What separates Easy Homes 123 from builders and remodelers is that in addition of making the home beautiful, we also have a goal to make the home you’re moving into to be an energy efficient home. It’s important that we not only give you an affordable house but that your overall cost of home ownership on monthly basis is affordable for you.

The Process of Making Your EasyHome an Energy Efficient Home

We begin the process of making the house energy efficient by thoroughly inspecting every part of the home from the roof to the foundation. Each house that Easy Homes 123 remodels will have it’s own unique opportunities to reduce the overall utility costs. Older homes usually present more energy efficient upgrades than newer traditional builder homes. However, we still will upgrade many of the newer homes as well. Our goal is to meet or exceed today’s building and energy efficient requirements

When remodels a house, we usually focus on making sure the house you’ll move in to will have new energy efficient appliances, water heater, central heating and cooling unit. We also inspect airflow and make sure the ductwork does not have any leaks. We also check water valves and insure there are no leaks.

In addition to appliances and the HVAC system, we also look at the building “envelope”.

The “Building Envelope” Of Your Energy Efficient House

The term “Building Envelope” refers to any part of your house that creates a boundary between the indoor and outdoor space. This includes, for most Easy Homes, upgrading to double insulated windows and Energy Star rated doors. The building envelope aspect of energy efficiency also includes attic insulation. We always try to get the attic to an R-30 rating or higher and we’ll seal any cracks or holes throughout the entire structure. Another method of saving energy in the building envelope is to use R-10 injected block foam or block foam injected modlding. In addition to the energy cost savings, the block foam helps keep noise from coming in or leaving the house.

Attic ventilation is another problem we run into where the soffits or ridge vents do not allow enough air flow causing mold and addition heat to come into the house.

Water Preservation To Help Reduce Your Lakeland Utility Bill

Easy Homes 123 also upgrades the plumbing fixtures and valves to low flow water savers. These upgrades not only reduce your electric consumption but also reduces your water bill too. On average, Easy Homes 123 customers save over 50% of power usage as their neighbors – comparing identical home models. Amazing, we know, but very true.

How Much Money Can An Energy Efficient Home Save You? A Real Example

I will give you my personal example of how I was able to reduce my Lakeland Electric bill by 63%. I bought a newly built home from a well known builder in the Lakeland area. (I won’t give you there name.) My central heat and air unit ran nonstop and my power bill averaged over $650 per month. I had an energy audit done by Lakeland Electric and they gave me a few suggestion to improve but the most impactful energy efficient tip they gave me was to increase the size of my AC unit. My first thought was: “What!?! This is a brand new home. Why should I be needing to upgrade the AC unit?” The Lakeland Electric energy efficient auditor informed me how this track home builder undersizes their AC units. He also said that many times people do not consider the “felt air” temperature which is an important consideration – especially with Florida weather. Example summer temperatures that are recorded at around 90 degrees are not the same as “apparent temperatures” or “felt air” temperatures which are often times closer to 100 degrees. Felt Air Temperatures take into account factors such relative humidity and density. One other recommendation the energy auditor gave me was setting the right stage run temperature. In other words, it may actually run more efficient keeping your system at 76 degrees rather than 78.

I ended up upgrading my AC unit based on the suggestion. The new unit was properly sized for my home and it had a SEER Rating of 15 while the old unit only had a SEER Rating of 10. This one change saved me over $413 per month with my average bill now being $237. I have never had a bill over $300 since Installed the new unit.

Why Shouldn’t Every Home Be An Energy Efficient Home?

From this moment forward, I realized that every single home that Easy Homes 123 would custom remodel, it was important to make sure that each house would have the most energy efficient system. The energy efficiency of your home really does matter, especially in today’s tough economy. We need to do things like this to not only help our customers but also to help reduce the waste of our nonrenewable resources.